The default is riak. Note that each instance of this keygen is specific to a worker. The Riak bucket to use for reading and writing values. Operations are defined on a per-driver basis. If a driver does not support a specified operation asdfput in this example , you may see errors like this:

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Previous results are in timestamped directories of the form. If you are a user, or worse, a sysadmin, you need to watch the application running from the outside.

Riak Users – Download link for basho-bench tool

You don’t need to audit every applications you use, but you should hurt them before. Every crash will be counted to draw a red line in the graph. Data Type Map Store. This process receives notifications when an operation completes, plus the elapsed time of the operation, and stores it in a histogram.

Riak issue after power outage. The module name of the driver that Basho Bench will use to generate load.


How can I recover from this? Where can I find downloadable binaries nowadays?

Download link for basho-bench tool

The name of the local node. There are two possible values: If a driver does not support a specified operation asdfput in this exampleyou may see errors like this:.

Some drivers need additional Erlang code in order to run. If you are a developer, functional tests are as valuable as unit tests, especially with distributed architectures. Try it, just for the beauty of the graph.

This will force a rebuild of your hash trees. Free forum by Nabble. Search everywhere only in this topic.

You can use any protocol known by erlang httpmysqlpostgresqlmemcache, redisthriftprotobuff Don’t bother with error handling, let your scenario crash, it’s Erlang. Set Up Redis Add-on. The initial random seed to use. The worker Id will be prepended to Args when the function is called. The measured latency and throughput of the test can be found in. The number of concurrent worker processes. The protocol is dummy enough to be a perfect playground.


See the conciseness of the following example: The api use an abstract action concept reading, writing, searching Latency at 99th percentile, A list of IP addresses to connect the workers to.

Default drivers are provided, but it’s easy to write new one: The R statistics language must be installed somewhere available to you if you wish to generate graphs see the Generating Benchmark Graphs section, below. Your computer is cute, fast and tough, but it’s not the real world.

Don’t be afraid, the supervisor vasho recycle your broken worker, it’s green.

Throughput — Operations per second over the duration of the test. Recover a Failed Node.